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Organisational Capacity in Integrated Urban Water Management: the art of being undisciplined

Harvey, L., Comley, J., Marshall, A., and Edwards, P. / Melbourne Water


The introduction of Clause 56.07, as an amendment to Victorian Planning Provision, has challenged the capacity of local government to deliver traditional services to the community and the development industry.

This paper reports findings from a social research report (the report) on the subject of Integrated Urban Water Management (IUWM) policy and local government organisational capacity.

The purpose of the report was to assess councils' management of responsibilities under new policy, and make specific recommendations to improve organisational capacity. 

This paper considers the report findings and reviews them against current academic literature on organisational capacity and IUWM. It provides an example of what a capacity intervention might look like, within an existing council planning process, and proposes a methodology for initiating sustainable, organisational capacity building initiatives.