Toolern: Towards a water neutral suburb with low rainfall

Stephen Bock; Gary Walsh / Western Water; Aecom


This paper, presented at the 2012 Ozwater conference, focuses on planning for urban growth in Melbourne in an area with low mean annual rainfall. It discusses the development of an integrated water management strategy addressing the policy, economics and social aspects of water use where flexibility in water sources and in particular stormwater harvesting helps to create resilience in a time of climate change and emphasises the importance of sustainable water management practices.

This project has also been successful in the third round of funding from the Australian Government and will receive $9,235,783 towards the project.  The Toolern Stormwater Harvesting Project will redirected stormwater from Toolern Creek & Kororoit Creek catchments. The project will construct approximately 23km of stormwater mains from proposed wetlands within the development of Toolern.