Victorian Water and Climate Initiative



This AWA podcast on the Victorian Water and Climate Initiative interviews Anna May and Geoff Steeden from the Victorian Government's Department of Environment, Land, Water & Planning (DELWP) about the impact of climate change on water supplies

The Victorian Water and Climate Initiative is informed by the 2017 Victorian Climate Change Act and the 2016 Guidelines for Assessing the Impact of Climate Change on Water Supplies in Victoria.

This interview highlights some of the key challenges for water management including:

  • 50% reduction stream flows by 2065
  • A doubling in Victorian population by 2050
  • Victorian rainfall decline especially in Autumn and Winter which have traditionally been the times to fill storage.

Anna and Geoff discuss resilience measure such as desalination for supply but their key focus is how legislation and research is informing future planning.

Interview runs for 11 minutes.