City Planning Prioritisation: A review of practices and enablers for multi-stakeholder planning for resilient and liveable cities

Melbourne Water/ Arup / Stantec


The City Planning Prioritisation report examines decision-making processes and planning enablers in 6 cities seen to be exemplars for liveability and resilience. The cities featured in the report are Copenhagen, Boston, San Francisco, Madrid, New York city and London. 

The report examines (a) how cities plan for resilience, integrated water management and climate change; (b) how planning priorities are developed when multiple and diverse agencies are involved, (c) the role of water in planning,  (d) how tactical implementation via collaborative projects is developed, funded and governed.  

The report showcases practices, learnings, enablers and a framework for multi-agency collaborative planning for multiple benefits and shared value outcomes.  It provides practical insights which could assist a  wide range of stakeholders involved in IWM and resilient city planning.

The purpose of the report is not to make recommendations, but to showcase useful enablers, insights and learnings that can assist cities, agencies, water corporations and others interested in planning for resilience and liveability outcomes.  

The report was commissioned by Melbourne Water and completed by Arup & Stantec.

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