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CSIRO Water:Science and Solutions for Australia

Mary Mulcahy and Ian Prosser and various others / CSIRO


Water: Science and Solutions for Australia provides the latest information about the status of Australia’s water resources and their future prospects, the many values we hold for water, and the potential for using water more effectively to meet the growing demands of cities, farmers, industries, and the environment.

This book is an accessible guide to underpin decisions that need to be made in business, in government, and in general to respond to the challenges of water resource management.

It is an important resource for:
• business community leaders
• federal, state and local government members
• researchers and academics involved or interested in water issues
• educators and media
• general public with an interest in water issues.

The document has been divided into the following chapters:
1. Overview
2. Foreword
3. Contents, Acknowledgements
4. Introduction
5. Chapter 1: Current water availability and use
6. Chapter 2: Water values
7. Chapter 3: Water and climate
8. Chapter 4: Groundwater
9. Chapter 5: Water quality
10. Chapter 6: Urban water sustainability
11. Chapter 7: Future urban water supplies
12. Chapter 8: Irrigation
13. Chapter 9: Water for the environment
14. Chapter 10: Water in mining and industry
15. Chapter 11: Conclusions
16. Endnotes, Index