In the future, Melbourne is expected to experience more heatwaves and less rainfall, as well as more extreme storm events and flooding. These changing weather patterns present a number of challenges with social, economic and environmental implications. These need to be tackled through resilient and innovative water infrastructure planning.

To ensure that Fishermans Bend addresses the current and projected impacts of climate change as well as population growth; a bold, collaborative water plan is required. To achieve this, a Water Sensitive City Strategy is proposed.

The Fishermans Bend Framework (adopted by Government in 2018) identifies eight Sustainability Goals that are underpinned by a series of Targets. Objectives and Strategies. The Water Sensitive City Strategy builds on three overarching pillars; Flood Management, Climate Resilient Water System and Urban Ecology underpinned by water sensitive priorities to create a healthy, green environment that offers social, environmental and economic benefits.


Attached is a publication authorised and published by the Victorian State Government.