Health benefits from water centric liveable communities


This Water Services Association (WSAA) paper was released in May 2019.

WSAA engaged Frontier Economics to assist in understanding and quantifying the liveability associated health benefits of water industry investments to better inform investment decisions.

With unprecedented growth in our major cities the case studies in the report show that investing in water in major greenfield developments will have benefits across four key pathways.

  • Improvements in health resulting from more active recreation
  • Improvements in mental health resulting from more exposure to green space
  • Improvements in health resulting from reduced temperatures associated with the Urban Heat Island effect
  • Improvements in health resulting from lower air pollution.

The water industry brings a strong understanding of the value water and sewerage services can bring to the liveability of a community. This Paper brings a holistic understanding of how water links to health, urban planning, prosperity and social connectedness.