Liveability and the Water Sensitive City Report

P Johnstone, R Adamowicz, F de Haan, B Ferguson, T Wong / Monash University Water for Liveability, DSE


This report establishes the foundation for ongoing research by the CRC in linking urban water management and urban liveability. The study commenced through the Science-Policy Partnership for Water Sensitive Cities, a joint initiative of Monash University's then Centre for Water Sensitive Cities (now Monash Water for Liveability Centre) and Victoria's Department of Sustainability and Environment (DSE). 

Through adopting a 'societal needs' approach to liveability, the report draws connections between human needs and wants with the emerging paradigm of water sensitive urban design.

To a large extent the physical and material needs for survival are common to all communities - food, water, shelter etc, however, the needs and wants beyond mere survival, those that effectively enhance one's quality of life, are likely to reflect the particular values and ambitions of the communities.