Rainwater Tank Systems for Urban Water Supply

Editors : Ashok K Sharma, Donald Begbie and Ted Gardner / IWA Publication UK


This practical and research based book on Rainwater Tanks provides insights and detailed analysis on the design, modelling, implementation, yield performance, energy use, economics, management, health risk, water quality and social perceptions of commercial roof water runoff collection systems.

The approaches and methodologies included in Rainwater Tank Systems for Urban Water Supply provide unique insights into the expected performance and potential pitfalls of adopting rainwater tank systems in urban areas including:

The book first published in 2015 is based on the results of a comprehensive, multi-million dollar field-based research program that was undertaken in South East Queensland (SEQ), Australia in response to the Millennium drought when the water supply level in the region’s drinking water dams dropped to less than 17% in July 2007, and the area came within 12 months of running out of water. 

Bringing together the over 30 published research papers on the topic this book will provide excellent support for planning for roof to tank systems at a large and medium scale.

The book can be accessed via open access platform.