Regional Victoria Water Sector Needs Assessment (Summary)



In September 2016, Clearwater undertook a series of targeted telephone surveys and interviews with regional stakeholders involved in Integrated Water Management (IWM) in order to identify capacity needs of Regional Victoria and verify the findings of a state-wide Needs Analysis undertaken in 2014.

Participants were selected with the intent to provide a good geographic representation and mix of executive/management and officer-level respondents from each stakeholder group and examined key ‘capacity spheres’, consistent with the 2014 Needs Analysis: Institutional Rules and Incentives; Inter-Organisational Capacity; Intra-Organisational Capacity and Individual Capacity.

While not intended to be an exhaustive survey, it provides a high-level indication of regional stakeholders’ priority IWM capacity needs and a starting point to identify which capacity building initiatives will provide most value to the industry.