Strategies and tactics for influencing decision making



This Cooperative Research Centre for Water Sensitive Cities (CRCWSC) project examined strategies and tactics for influencing opinion and policy making, to facilitate progress towards water sensitive cities.

Knowing what to do with scientific research outcomes can be tricky. But by changing how we present research findings to government and industry, we have a real chance to influence policy making and industry practice. 

This industry note provides a number of tips to enhance the value of scientific ideas and findings in policy spaces. The literature review examined three elements common to successful influence seeking:

  • Entrepreneurs - we need scientific advocates and voices working inside and outside the system to provide the momentum for communicating science and translating it into policy
  • Networks - we need change agents to work collectively to challenge the status quo, marshal policy influence, and forge pathways
  • Timing - we need to recognise the unique rhythms of policy change, which often reflect significant events. And we need to exploit policy opportunities.

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