National Business Water Efficiency Benchmark (NBWeb)

Smart Water Fund, CWW, YVW, SEW


The National Business Water Efficiency Benchmark (NBWeb) Tool provides a standardised approach to measure business water usage across a range of ‘like’ business segments. By understanding your benchmark and the uses of water or processes that contribute to it, you may be able to improve productivity and establish a realistic water use production target.

This free and easy to use Tool provides:

  • A consistent approach to measure water resource efficiency
  • Compares relative performance between competing industries
  • Identifies best practice and highlights ways to improve your businesses water usage which could lead to reduced utility costs
  • Connects business customers with best practice case studies and contacts for next steps

This tool is now live and ready to use. Please click on the link below to calculate a benchmark for your business.

Author information

The website was developed with funding provided by Smart Water Fund and the a range of Australian water utilities and water industry stakeholders.

Click here to access the NBWeb Tool