A Champion's Perspective: Interview with Alan West & Tony Barrett


02 March 2012

The Interview Series brings to life each stormwater champion's experiences, motivations and challenges in gaining support for WSUD within their organisation.  Alan West and Tony Barrett work at the City of Kingston.  Alan's role is Team Leader in Engineering Design and Tony's role is Industry Sustainability Officer. 

Allan talks about cross departmental collaboration and ownership of WSUD assets and how working outside your own area of influence is vital. Tony outlines why an integrated approach to water management is a vital environmental step for councils to take. Allan also discussed that there is a huge range of resources available to support people in initiating WSUD.

This clip is part of a series of interviews produced by Clearwater in partnership with the Melbourne Water Living Rivers Program.

**For better viewing make sure you turn vimeo HD on by clicking on the 'HD' symbol.