Bzz! French WSUD education video

Tania Struzina / Clearwater

03 September 2015

This mini-movie is a playful community water education resource from the French Meli Melo website.

The movie promotes an urban return to the natural water cycle through increasing permeable surfaces and installation of raingardens to treat stormwater. The main character in the clip jokes that he is being ‘egalitarian’ to ‘ensure that the water that falls in the street receives the same treatment as the water that falls in the garden’.


The Meli Melo* website uses movies, artwork, drawings and images to help the community understand issues and challenges related to water management. The site covers a huge spectrum of water issues and demonstrates that while the issues are serious and complex, it is still possible live both comfortably and in harmony with natural systems. The messages on the site are universally relevant to urban design and environmental protection.

Meli Melo passionately promotes free use and reproduction  of their materials (movies, artwork, drawing, ideas and images). The site is a creation of The GRAIE Association, a non-profit French research and capacity building organisation focused on water management and urban planning.

Meli-Melo: Demelons les fils de l'eau roughly translates as Let us unravel the story of water.