Plan to Collaborate: Resolving, Maintaining and Growing

16 January 2018

Welcome to the Clearwater video series, Plan to Collaborate, where we talk about how collaboration can be done well to achieve greater benefits for your organisation and community through integrated planning.

In this video series, we will address important questions regarding multi-organisational collaboration in a planning context.

This video addresses the following questions related to resolving tensions, growing, and maintaining your collaboration:[00:33] How do we monitor and evaluate collaboration?
[05:04] How do we attend to the relationships between different policies, plans and regulations?
[09:42] How do we manage conflicting values?
[14:59] How do we bridge the bottom and the top of our organisation?
[18:18] What information-technology tools should we use?
[22:00] When is the best time to celebrate success?

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Thanks for watching and happy collaborating!