Research Paper Launch: Transitioning the water industry with the circular economy

Water Service Association Australia (WSAA)

13 October 2020

In October 2020 the Water Services Assocation of Australia (WSAA) launch a research paper titled Transitioning the water industry with the circular economy.  This 1 hour presentation discusses the concepts covered in the research paper.

Many utilities are now considering the benefits of unlocking the circular economy to better manage resources, make and use products and to regenerate natural systems. The transformation to a circular economy approach brings many challenges and the shift requires a multi-pronged and widespread cross-sector collaborative approach.

WSAA commissioned the Institute of Sustainable Futures to outline the key building blocks required for a utility to transition to a circular economy as well as the value proposition and the many benefits to customers and the broader community, the environment and to utilities themselves.

Importantly, the paper also collates existing knowledge on the contribution of the urban water industry in a circular economy and recommends the next steps to help utilities pivot to begin or further advance their approach.