Without maintenance and renewal, WSUD assets will become a liability rather than an asset, making Council vulnerable to community complaints and legal exposure

Example of a water stormwater asset in the City of Casey

Casey's IWM Plan

City of Casey Integrated Water Management Plan

Casey City Council

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Project Overview

The City of Casey inherits a large number of WSUD assets from developers under statutory planning provisions. To assess options for the ongoing management of these assets the City of Casey, with support from Melbourne Water’s Living Rivers program, has developed an IWM Plan that outlines Council’s vision to create a Water Efficient City.

Key messages

The City of Casey has

  • Developed a Citywide Integrated Water Management Plan with commitments to targets and appointed a dedicated Water Champion
  • Established a business case for IWM that assisted Council to take a proactive approach to Water Management asset maintenance and renewal to improve water quality and enhance liveability
  • Invested in water demand management and alternative water supply projects towards a more cost effective and integrated water management approach for the Casey Community

This approach and partnership will help the city move towards a healthier, greener and more liveable future.

Check out the full case study (PDF) for more information.


City of Casey

Melbourne Water - Living Rivers funding

Project Cost

$175k (including a WSUD Officer for one year)


2012 Development of strategy

2012 onwards: Council WSUD officer


Nausheen Obaid | Water Officer, City of Casey


Melbourne Water’s Living Rivers Program contributed to the funding for this project.