Discuss key outcomes with authority stakeholders early on to resolve any project issues.

New lots being created

Raingarden at street scale

Planting being undertaken along Edgars Creek

Coburg Hill - Clause 56.07 in action

Moreland City Council

Ronald Street, Coburg North, Victoria | Map:

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Project Overview

The Coburg Hill Redevelopment is located in Coburg North, nine kilometers from Melbourne's CBD. The site was formerly occupied by the Australasian headquarters for Kodak. In 1961, Kodak opened an extensive purpose-built complex which housed assembly lines for making film paper and emulsions as well as administrative offices and staff canteens. Impervious site coverage was estimated at 90%. At its peak Kodak employed 1,370 people on the site. Production on the site ceased in 2004.

The site is surrounded by existing residential areas to the north, east and south and industrial land to the west (across Edgars Creek). The site is also in close proximity to a network of park reserves including Edgars Creek Reserve which extends along the western edge of the site. Public access through the site to Edgars Creek, and from one side of the Creek to the other, has not been previously available.  A ridgeline extends diagonally from the north-east corner of the site and divides the site into two drainage catchments. Prior to redevelopment, drainage from the site entered Edgars Creek without any treatment or control.

The Satterley Property Group purchased the 21 hectare site in October 2010 and has started construction on the first two stages of a 400 lot residential development which will one day be home to 1,200 new residents (approximate figures).  The development offers a mix of house-and-land packages and medium-density units. As part of the redevelopment, the management of stormwater runoff on the site was required to comply with Clause 56.07 of the Victoria Planning Provisions. In order to comply, a number of Water Sensitive Urban Design systems are being constructed and form part of the stormwater management approach on the site. 

Drivers and Objectives

  • Improve the quality and control the quantity of flows entering the creek and enhance the overall health of this section of Edgars Creek.
  • Facilitate public access to Edgars Creek for the benefit of the community.
  • Design and orientate houses along the western edge of the site to improve surveillance and safety of the formal and informal pathways to the Creek.
  • Improve the visual, environmental and recreational value of the Creek through re-vegetation with local indigenous plants and weed control. 
  • Meet best practice stormwater quality reduction targets. 


  • Moreland City Council (Responsible Authority)
  • Satterley Property Group (Developer)
  • Melbourne Water (Referral Authority)
  • Spiire (Design Consultants)
  • Collie Planning

Project Outcomes

  • Treatment has been set out and designed to manage each stage of the development, as set out in the Sustainability Strategy for the site. 
  • A total of 45 nodal raingardens and 2 end-of-line raingardens are proposed to manage stormwater runoff from the site. New raingardens will remain offline until construction is complete within each stage. 
  • Only drought resistant native plants are used throughout the site. 
  • Rainwater tanks have been installed in 85% of dwellings for treatment and reduction of potable water use
  • Following early engagement and involvement with Friends of Edgars Creek, Satterley have provided the group with funding for planting along the Creek. 

Lessons Learnt

  • Do your planning homework - the site is subject to an Environmental Sensitivity Overlay (ESO1) relating to Edgars Creek, as such any work within the ESO1 needed to comply with the objectives and requirements.
  • Site investigations are key - a number of constraints on the site influenced the drainage strategy including a gas pipe line and pipe track, shape and topography of the site.
  • Assess your options carefully - a number of stormwater management options were considered on the site to meet Clause 56.07-4. Prior to submitting the formal application, Spiire made a feasibility application to Melbourne Water, as a referral authority, to ensure the proposed drainage strategy was acceptable.
  • Manage sediment during construction - a trade waste agreement was entered into with Yarra Valley Water under guidance of the Environment Protection Agency during the build-out phase to capture clay runoff.
  • Early communication and engagement is important - Satterley engaged early with local resident groups and interest groups such as the Friends of Edgars Creek and newsletters for local residents were produced to communicate the proposed development.
  • Discuss key outcomes with authority stakeholders early - Satterley hold regular meetings with Moreland City Council and other authorities to discuss project related issues.  

Project Cost

  • The overall development costs is $230 million
  • The cost of the WSUD component is $2 million


  • October 2010: Satterley Property Group purchases former Kodak Site for development
  • Construction commenced June 2011
  • First 2 stages completed December 2011
  • May 2012: Minister for Planning approves revised Development Plan 


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