EPA Civil construction, building and demolition guide_1834



This guide supports the civil construction, building and demolition industries to eliminate or reduce the risk of harm to human health and the environment through good environmental practice. New environment protection laws in Victoria will require all businesses to take proactive steps to manage risks of harm from pollution and waste.

This guide replaces the following publications:

  • Environmental guidelines for major construction sites (publication 480, February 1996)
  • Doing it right on subdivisions: Temporary environmental protection measures for subdivision construction sites (publication 960, September 2004)
  • Reducing stormwater pollution from construction sites (publication 981, May 2005)
  • Noise control guidelines (Section 2) (publication 1254, October 2008)
  • Noise from large residential subdivision or urban development sites (publication 1264, November 2008)

Sections of the Guide relevant to reduction in stormwater pollution management are 

Chapter 3: Managing environmental risk to meet your general environmental duty

Chapter 5: Erosion, sediment and dust controls to minimise soil erosion, the generation and transport of sediment  and the generation and transport of dust.

Chapter 6: Contaminated land and groundwater  controls to manage,  the identification and presence of existing contaminated land and groundwater, potentially contaminated stormwater  andpotentially contaminated groundwater during dewatering.

Chapter 8: Waste Minimising waste using the waste hierarchy , managing different types of waste , storing waste materials onsite , waste collection, transport and disposal , maintaining waste records  and reducing illegal dumping.