Reducing stormwater pollution for building and construction sites - an effective strategy

John Crispijin / Derwent Estuary Program


John Chrispijn presented a very interesting case study at the Stormwater 2012 Conference on behalf of the Derwent Estuary Program (DEP) in Tasmania. It is an effective model that could be used by other states and councils in Australia to address the issues of sediment and erosion from building sites.

Some of the critical elements of the strategy put in place by the DEP included (but were not restricted to):

  • updating existing guidelines
  • developing, producing and distributing sediment control kits to local council (off-the-shelf solutions) 
  • providing in-house training for building industry and council staff
  • employing a regional sediment and erosion control officer (for 2 years) for activities such as inspections, audits, reporting and training
  • working towards streamlining planning procedures and amending building regulations.

Funding for the strategy came from Government grants and regional funding.