All options on the table: WSAA Toolkit and Report

Water Service Association Australia (WSAA)


With decreased streamflows into rivers and dams, our reliance on rainfall dependent water supply options is a risk to the water security of our cities and communities.

All water supply options can contribute to water security and other valued outcomes and each community should consider all options within their local context. The WSAA Report and Toolkit aims to inform water security discussions with the community and stakeholders and to increase understanding around the attributes and costs of different water supply options.

This All options on the table report outlines the importance of a diversified portfolio of water supply options to meet the water security needs for Australia’s rapidly growing cities and regional centres in the face of climate change and drought. The report can be accessed here 

The All options on the table toolkit contains over 30 resource materials on purified recycled water for drinking. Resources include FAQ & Fact sheets, slides & diagrams, videos and webinars and reports.The toolkit can be accessed here