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There are a few things you need to know before you get started...

Clause 56.07-4 was introduced into the Victoria Planning Provisions (VPP) in 2006 and forms the Integrated Water Management provisions relating to residential subdivision. This clause aims at managing stormwater more responsibly and sustainably, and is vital in protecting the health of our waterways and bays by reducing pollutants and excessive flows.

Victoria’s current water policy and regulation framework sets stormwater targets and provides guidelines for stormwater management using three metrics for load reductions: nitrogen, phosphorus, and sediment.  These guidelines form the urban runoff management objectives, provided in Clause 56.07-4, and apply to each new residential subdivision that creates two or more vacant lots.

The C56 Tool is made up of a series of questions that you will be asked to respond to. At certain points there may be links through to websites or resources that will assist you in your decision.  By responding to the questions asked, you will be guided to an end point that sets out whether Clause 56.07-4 applies to your application and fact sheets will be available to assist you in the design of your development. 

In addition to using the C56 Tool, we strongly promote pre-development discussions between councils, applicants and relevant referral authorities, such as Melbourne Water. These discussions should be used to talk through the acceptability of any proposed treatment options and maintenance considerations. 

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