Clause 56 Tool

The Clause 56 Tool (C56 Tool) is an online interactive decision pathway designed to assist local planning authorities, developers, consultants and applicants understand and assess whether Clause 56.07-4 applies to a residential subdivision within Victoria. 

The C56 Tool has been designed to evolve and update to reflect changes in policy and include new resources.  We welcome your feedback.  

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Fact sheets

Includes information on treatment options, considerations for onsite treatment and additional information for subdivisions located within Melbourne Water’s waterway management boundary.

fact sheets

Advice for council

Checklists and related documents specific for council staff to assist in the assessment of residential subdivision applications where Clause 56.07-4 applies.

advice for council

Related resources

Includes specific wording of Clause 56.07-4, accompanying practice notes and links to websites that may be useful in the design of your subdivision.

related resources

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