Aquarevo - A Water Sensitive Development

26 September 2017

Aquarevo in Lyndhurst is a unique collaboration between South East Water and Villawood Properties to create what’s on track to become Australia’s most water efficient urban housing development. Properties will feature three sources of water - recycled water, rain water and drinking water. Aquarevo will achieve a 70% water reduction from the the average home.

To make this happen, Aquarevo homes will:

  • Feature a high-tech rain to hot water system for bathing and showering that includes screening, filtering, treatment and temperature sensing devices.
  • Connect to a pressure sewer system that pumps wastewater to a water  recycling plant within the estate, treats the water to Class A standard, and sends it back to each home for use in the garden, toilet or washing machine.
  • Feature rainwater tanks with technology that receives weather forecasts – then releases water before heavy rainfall to minimise overflows or flooding in local waterways.
  • Connect to a OneBox® device that controls the water technology in each home, remotely monitors the pressure sewer and reads each home’s water and energy use.

This short video demonstrates the Water efficient features of an Aquarevo home.